1: Every morning complete a two minute walk around the house while you’re sipping your coffee. During those two minutes you want to look at your beautiful home and do a visual inspection. You’re looking out for cracks in the foundation. Squirrels scampering up a drainpipe and soffit vents that may look out of place. Even if very subtle. You’re looking for scratching etched into the drainpipe. Note where it was wait for the weekend and check it. Don’t want to get on a ladder? Find a good buddy willing to get up there or better yet call an expert like Attic Fanatics and have them do a free inspection.

2: Be proactive I can’t stress that enough. Know that rodents would love the chance to nest in your insulation, so be proactive by laying out sticky traps. You should top them with birdseed and peanut butter to supply bait. Check those traps once every other week. Or once a month. Or even once in three months but do it! It’s a few cheap dollars well spent on a lazy Sunday that can save you
thousands of dollars down the line should rodents attempt to invade your attic. An Important note to keep in mind is rodents range from tiny mice and squirrels to roof rats large raccoons. It’s important to be vigilant and mindful of which specific species you are suspicious of as trapping methods will vary.

3: Those tall trees with branches hanging over your roof, or running against your gutter – that’s an open invitation for the squirrels. Squirrels love trees, they are scampering up them constantly. They might not even be trying to come into your attic. But that long branch rubbing against your gutter gets them right on your roofline. You can be sure they will be scouring that roof line looking for
somewhere to hide those acorns. And find a hole they will! Squirrels will scamper into the little hole find an absolute haven in the attic while chewing electrical wires, chewing on bathroom vent pipes, chewing on hvac ducts and nesting in the insulation. They will soil, deteriorate, and utterly ruin the attic space while creating a dangerous fire hazard by chewing the wires and a terrible health hazard
while they urinate and leave their feces throughout the insulation.

4: We will end with the following as I guarantee you 9 out 10 people reading this blog make this mistake daily. Garage doors!! Your home is built in a beautiful neighborhood near forests, fields, trees etc. Guess who else lives nearby? Field Mice! Those little rodents will shoot into the garage and find the tiniest of holes to traverse the interior of your home, climbing within the walls to access your attic and crawlspace insulation. When you leave the garage door open for just 5 minutes that gives mice just the time they need to get in and stay in. Check back here to find out “Which rodents are most likely to invade in the month of January”

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