‘Tis the season and Emily’s been harassing you to go to the attic already and do your job as “man of
the house” and get those holiday boxes down already. But being the man that you are – work has
kept you busy and finding time to get those boxes down hasn’t happened. So Emily the amazing
wife that she is takes matters into her own hands and pulled the dusty attic hatch down and
proceeds to unfold the attic steps. Upon climbing the first 3 steps Emily’s slightly startled as she
can now see the top of the attic floor and something’s not right. Are those chocolate.. no! as she
starts making her way down from the attic she hears scurrying and almost trips coming down the
last steps. She folds that attic ladder as fast as possible and calls you Immediately. Its happening rodents are infiltrating the attic!

Okay, I get it. Critters made it up there. I’ve been living near the woods my whole life
what’s the big deal?

Well as soon as Emily hung up with you and forced you home from work to see for yourself, she
googles “why are rodents in MY attic?” And sees that Attic Fanatics seem to be the experts to call.
The friendly voice coming over the phone brings her hysteria down a good few notches and Emily is
extremely relived to hear that a technician will be made available for her, and will come out that
same day. It’s only a short time later and already the technician is calling and advising her that he
will be arriving in only 25 minutes. As the technician knocks on the door with a friendly smile, Emily
opens the door and starts to seriously feel like herself again. While the technician is up in the attic
doing his thorough inspection John comes home and gets sent right up to the attic to join the
technician. As the technician-Mike points out the different types of feces, nesting and entry points
John starts to notice those holiday boxes he never got around to seem to be covered with feces.
Another few seconds of looking around and John realizes the problem in the attic is a problem

Replace all the insulation? Really? That’s so expensive!

As Mike finishes up his inspection and closes the attic hatch his calm demeanor and true
professionalism starts to show as he calmly explains what’s happened, what went wrong and how
Attic Fanatics can get everything resolved in 1 day. He points out the various entry methods. He
explains why the critters have decided to take shelter in YOUR attic and why leaving the attic
status-quo is unsafe and dangerous. Removing the nested insulation is imperative as the rodents
will tunnels within the insulation as well under it. They have babies and they constantly gnaw at
wood and electrical wires causing a severe fire hazard as Attic Fanatics is unfortunately all to aware
having had customers who put off the job just one day to late! Thank god in that particular case the
local fire department did an excellent job in responding immediately and everyone was kept safe
and the fire had only minutes to burn minimizing the damage caused. Attic Fanatics rescheduled the
job and proceeded to treat the entire attic to insure nothing like that can ever happen again.

Woah That’s a lot all at once can you summarize?

During the colder months rodents will find small gaps and cracks in the siding, flashing, and roof
lines to make their way into the attic in order to nest and have offspring in the insulation. They
cause damage by chewing wires, urinating, and severely soiling the insulation. They damage other
components that may be in an attic such ah hvac systems and exhaust pipes. They make varying
levels of noises during various times of the day or night. In cases of pregnant raccoons they may fall
through the ceiling into an upstairs bedroom. Often times the noises go unnoticed and are only
found when someone happens to go into the attic with the holiday season being a big one. Call the
experts at Attic Fanatics today to make sure you home is safe and secure for this holiday season
and always. Happy holidays, Cheers



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