Hey there! It’s Coby from Attic Fanatics, where we know a thing or two about critters in your attic. Today, we’re cracking the nut on the top 10 myths about squirrels. Let’s dive right in and clear up some squirrel confusion!

  1. Not Just Nutty: Think squirrels are all about nuts? Think again. They’re dining on everything from fruits to bugs. We’ve seen it all when squirrel-proofing homes.
  2. Year-Round Hustlers: These furry fellas don’t hibernate; they’re on the move all year. At Attic Fanatics, we keep that in mind when securing your space.
  3. Colorful Characters: They’re not just wearing gray. Squirrels come in reds, blacks, and more. We’ve seen every shade in the squirrel rainbow.
  4. Rabies? Rarely: It’s super rare for squirrels to carry rabies. We keep both you and these critters safe with our expert removal tactics.
  5. Forgetful Planters: These guys forget where they stash their nuts, helping new trees grow. We at Attic Fanatics dig that kind of accidental gardening.
  6. Party Animals: Surprisingly social, these critters aren’t loners. That’s why we’re all about humane and respectful removal.
  7. Garden Helpers… Sorta: Sure, they may swipe a veggie or two, but they also help your garden grow. We strike the right balance to keep your greens and the critters happy.
  8. Home Sweet Home: Urban jungles or sandy deserts, squirrels adapt. We’ve made homes squirrel-proof in all kinds of places.
  9. Feeding Faux Pas: Feeding them the wrong stuff can backfire. We teach homeowners the right way to live side-by-side with wildlife.
  10. Smarty Paws: Never underestimate a squirrel’s brainpower – they’re clever critters, and we see it firsthand in our work.

At Attic Fanatics, we’re all about smart, humane solutions for your wildlife woes. Understanding these furballs helps us keep your attic critter-free, the right way. Need help or advice? Reach out today – we’ve got all the squirrel intel you need.



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